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R&B singer Miguel put out one of the most exciting soul albums of the year with his Kaleidoscope Dream , but Milwaukee will have to wait at least a while longer to see him live: His planned concert with Trey Songz and Elle Varner at the Milwaukee .. Read more

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The last half-decade has been a transitional one for contemporary R&B. One of the dominant... Read more

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There’s a deep divide, if not an outright schism, in R&Bright now. After years of easy overlap with the pop charts, the genre is rapidlyfalling out of favor with Top 40 radio. To adapt the most commerciallysavvy R&B artists are purging more tra.. Read more

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M&I Bank Multiple locations 1-888-464-5463 Runners-up:UW Cre,Best of Milwaukee 2009 Read more

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­­For those who prefer their rap untainted by Peter, Bjorn and John, here are four recent mixtapes more than worth the free download: Donnis – Diary of An ATL Brave (via Astheworldspins) The last time a mixtape by a guy nobody ha.. Read more

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Chicago soundsmith J.R. Robinson must have a sense of humor, since he named his latest project Wrekmeister Harmonies even though there’s barely a harmony to be found in the dense, experimental web he weaves. Robinson will play here tonight ... Read more

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