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TV on the Radio delivered a carefree, free-spirited show for a sold-out Pabst Theater. Read more

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Courtesy of The Decemberists and EMI

This week TV on the Radio and The Decemberists return for two big sold-out shows. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

This week on The Disclaimer, it's our annual spring concert preview. Matt Schoeffler fills in for host Ryan Schleicher to join Milwaukee Record's Matt Wild and I as we run down the shows we're most excited about—and, to be sure, there's a lot to l.. Read more

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TV on the Radio hasn’t performed in Milwaukee since2011, and a lot has happened in those three years. The Brooklyn art-rock bandtook a short hiatus to work on various solo projects then returned this yearwith a solid new album this fall, Seeds .. Read more

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Here's a worthwhile show at risk of slipping through the cracks: Ice Balloons will play the Cactus Club next Monday, May 12. Between the band's scarce name recognition and the Monday night booking, that seems like a recipe for low attendance, but .. Read more

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Edwin Congreave says that Foals recent third album, Holy Fire, was easily the least stressful and smoothest album the group has made. “This album, we made it in London,” the keyboardist says. “We were living kind of at home Read more

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Things aren't always what they seem, particularly in the movie-magic land of Los Angeles... Read more

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Art-rockers TV on the Radio return from a short hiatus with a newfound focus on matters of the heart on Nine Types of Light, a would-be romantic album that values love more as an escape from the woes of the world than as an end in and of itself. .. Read more

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Pro-Life Wisconsin announced a dual endorsement for governor, finding that both of the Republicans in the race—Mark Neumann and Scott Walker—are “100% pro-life.” No big deal, right, since the Republican Party is pro-life, right?W Read more

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Holly Golightly is an artist stuck in a rut, and that’s just fine with her.The U.K. garage-rock songstress introduced herself to the world in the early ’90s as a member of the Thee Headcoatees, an all-girl garage quartet assembled by Billy ... Read more

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Milwaukee hard rockers Trance Halo inaugurate a refigured line-up with their second release. Christ Radomski (guitar) and Russ Fink (drums), both formerly of Evel, segue smoothly into the band's dramatic post-grunge moodscapes. Theirs is a... Read more

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Massachusetts songwriter Stephen Kellogg and his band The Sixers cut their teeth in jam circles, where they spiced their rootsy folk-pop with digressions into bluegrass. They’ve polished their sound for Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Even long after their studio albums lost me—which is to say pretty much after their flawless debut EP, though I'm in the minority here—TV on the Radio remained one of indie-rock's most blisteringly passionate live bands; their set at Lollapalooza .. Read more

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My wrap up of 2009’s Lollapalooza festival is up. In a nutshell, I thought the  supporting headliners upstaged the curiously lackluster headliners, and that the festival had better luck with dance and electronic-leaning artists than it did alterna.. Read more

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Fastball were among the breakthrough stars of 1998, thanks to a ubiquitous single, “The Way,” that nicely dovetailed with adult-contemporary radio’s renewed interest in Heartland-tinted rock. A couple of likeable follow-up singles, &ldqu Read more

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Skylight Opera closes its 49th season with a production of Gilbert and Sullivan's swashbuckling musical comedy The Pirates of Penzance. This lighthearted show is one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular, having been performed on stages ac... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Two thoughts: 1. Good lord Saturday Night Live's mix was awful again. It sounds like it was recorded on a cell phone. In a basement parking garage. With low battery life. This is why artists like Bruce Springsteen use pre-recorded tracks wh.. Read more

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There is never a shortage of extremely talented, elite young musicians who want to tour t Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks; ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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TheDiablos Rojos Restaurant Group, which owns Trocadero and CafeHollander, opened two new venues this year. In addition to theBelgian-themed Fat Abbey, the group started Cafe Centraal (2306 S.Kinnicki,Dining Out Read more

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