Against Type

Later-onthis month Uprooted Theatre presents the next in an annual series ofremarkably interesting fundraising performances. Now in its fifth year AgainstType: Roles I’ll Never Play But I Could is an evening of actorsperforming characters they.. Read more


One non-profit fundraiser can pretty much bleed into the next for those with the means to attend them. The challenge for any non-profit is to put something together that is distinct and unique while still serving that basic role of a fundraiser .. Read more


It’s a good week to be a Rick Springfield fan in Milwaukee, as the “Jessie’s Girl” singer begins a whooping four-night stay at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino that’ll keep him here through Saturday night. Tonight he gives an elec Read more

Today in Milwaukee

­The 40th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival is providing new excuses to repackage old material. At least in this case, the old material is superb and there is rhyme and reason for the programming. Santana's excellent 1969 debut LP... Read more

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