Milwaukee rappers Dana Coppafeel and SPEAK Easy may be temperamental opposites, but over the last couple of years they've proven natural collaborators. Since releasing an album together last year, the two have continued releasing a slew of new mat.. Read more

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For a rapper who introduced himself as an easy-to-pigeonhole hard-head with a clear reverence for tough, '90s, New York-style rap, Milwaukee's Yo-Dot has spent the last few years doling out surprises. His last couple of albums, 2012's Red Mist and.. Read more

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Matt Pond PA is no longer from PA, though after 12 years as a band, not much else has changed.And even that hasn’t changed much. Pond relocated his band from Philadelphia to Brooklyn seven years ago, so they’ve technically been Matt Pond NY... Read more

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Milwaukee rapper Yo-Dot’s new mixtape, Dot Balistrerri, opens with a Godfather-esque orchestral interpolation of the infamous “you can’t stop me now” riff from The Whatnauts’ “Message From A Black Man,” before erupting a half minute later into the.. Read more

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"I am in control here in the White House."—Secretary of State Alexander Haig, 1981Ah, the good old days when even a big shot like Gen. Al Haig could get in trouble for such mavericky declarations that defy basic constitutional precedents. Read more

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Milwaukee's most productive rap collective, Umbrella Music Group continues to release a stream of free new music on its Web site every month. The latest is Both Sides of the Mirror, a mixtape from UMG's Misen Lync, the trio comprised of rappers T... Read more

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It was only a half a decade ago that keeping up with the latest Milwaukee mixtapes would have required regular trips to the Milwaukee Mall or Teutonia Ave, but these days most any mix worth hearing ends up online for free—and, to be sure, the city.. Read more

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Soaring unemployment. A plummeting stock market. Economic recession with no end in sight. Things don't get any better for business brokers,The New Economy Read more

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Though the vocal group has explored other topics on their infrequent studio albums, Rockap Christmas ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Just in time for the holiday, the Milwaukee Brewers return home today for a 1:05 p.m. game against the New York Mets at Miller Park.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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