When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University... Read more

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For a rather small school, Marquette has long made waves in the uniform community with some of their outlandish looks. From sporting vertical striping down one side, to a bumble bee look. to camo long before camo was cool,to the powder blues that .. Read more

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Marquette leaked some new uniforms a couple of weeks ago. They had managed to avoid the Nike curse of uniform ridiculousness for so long, but it has finally made its way to Milwaukee.Nike first used the Aerographics in the 2008 Olympics. They say.. Read more

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All Afrobeat bands owe some debt to genre pioneer Fela Kuti, but the Chicago Afrobeat Project is particularly beholden to his legacy. The group’s recent album, (A) Move to Silent Unrest, even features cover art painted by G. Lemi, the artis... Read more

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The paradoxes and dilemmas of love and fate are integral to (500) Days of Summer, a sharp (500) Days of Summer ,Film Read more

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