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With all the other hullaballoo, I wasn't sure where to include these, so here's a few more quick hits on the Brewers.*We declined our 2009 option on Craig Counsell. While I'll agree that Craig is clutch and he was a solid left-handed option off th.. Read more

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Headed by the appropriately named producer Kilgore Trout, Universal Mind’s eclectic local hip-hop potpourri seems as equally bizarre and demented as Vonnegut’s alter-ego, albeit without the sam,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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This is a continuation of my experiences with Zoloft, why I went on it, and today, why I got off of it. As mentioned in my previous blog, I am not a healthcare professional. I am just sharing my experiences. So, in my previous blog I mentioned h.. Read more

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Another talent born of the Twin Cities’ endlessly fertile underground hip-hop scene, New York Times ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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