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University of Wisconsin agricultural experts have launched hemp projects this past spring as part of a $35,000 grant offered last year. Read more

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As cannabis legalization is being proposed in Wisconsin, it is time to debunk a few incorrect beliefs about the “devil’s lettuce.” Read more

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Long before Donald Trump demeaned the presidency of the United States by telling lie after lie, Gov. Scott Walker was working on his own Pinocchio nose. Read more

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In her 2016 book, Paying the Price, former University of Wisconsin professor Sara Goldrick-Rab presents the harsh realities of what she deems are the new economics of college in America. Read more

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Ted Thompson takes far too much criticism for being one of the better draft runners in modern NFL history. The Packers have a process that is second to none, and when they do make a mistake it is almo,Green Bay Packers Read more

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In 1917 the radio station that became WHA, the mothership of Wisconsin Public Radio, began as a project by UW-Madison physics students. As WPR’s former director Jack Mitchell admits in Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting ... Read more


Called the “Wisconsin Idea,” the project of drawing academics out of their ivory towers and into everyday life is inimical to obscurantism of late-modern academia and the anti-intellectualism of politicians such as Scott Walker. Although... Read more


The Badger State’s contributors to Team USA are recounted in Going for Wisconsin Gold, by longtime local sports reporter Jessie Garcia. Read more


It took a lawsuit filed by the Center on Media and Democracy and The Progressive to reveal the full truth about Gov. Scott Walker’s involvement in trying to scrap the beloved Wisconsin Idea. Read more

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With the financial devastation of our once great university already surpassing half a billion dollars and counting, how much worse will we allow it to get before all of us stand up? Read more

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A rising star in women’s soccer, Badgers midfielder Rose Lavelle says she and her teammates are building a culture of success at the University of Wisconsin. Read more

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On top of massive funding cuts and threats to the University of Wisconsin’s mission, Republican lawmakers are finding another way to attack the state’s higher education system: by weakening tenure for faculty. Republicans like Assembly Spea... Read more

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It’s a rare thing when a public official offers to hold himself accountable and actually means it. But that’s what happened when University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross told an audience at UW-Milwaukee that he would resign if he ... Read more

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If Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to run on his budget-crafting acumen—and show his billionaire donors that he’s an independent thinker—he would fully embrace the Affordable Care Act and scuttle his own version of health care reform. Wal... Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker is proposing to cut $300 million from the University of Wisconsin System at a time when a college diploma is necessary to launch a career. Walker is likely running for president and is trying to attract right-wing Republic... Read more

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To any thoughtful observer of politics, one of the biggest frustrations is watching is just how politically popular some really bad ideas can be Read more

Taking Liberties

It’s no surprise the University of Wisconsin System would begin setting aside extra reserve funds when the most anti-education governor and Legislature in state history took control of Wisconsin’s government Read more

Taking Liberties

Integrating artists working in fiber artand an age old craft tradition comprise a current exhibition titled “Throw:Great Lengths of Innovation in Modern Quilting.” The University of WisconsinUnion Art Gallery presents seven artists wh.. Read more

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Although Wisconsin is a national leader in high-school graduation rates, college placement scores and commitment to public education, the state's educational system is now threatened by Gov. Scott Walker's historic cuts to schools at all le... Read more

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