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Sweet as Broken Dates: Lost Somali Tapes from the Horn of Africa is an album culled from preserved archives of 1970s-’80s Somali music. Read more

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Italy in the 1950s and ’60s conjures up a host of sunny La Dolce Vita impressions. Vintage Italia is meant to capitalize on postwar Italian nostalgia. Most of the 11 tracks were recorded during the period and vary between lushly orchestrate... Read more

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Along with the smaller CBGB, Max’s Kansas City was a club that became an incubator for New York City’s punk scene by the mid-’70s. Both venues released compilations showcasing their regulars. Max’s Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond includes the co... Read more

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Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu is a collection culled from the vast catalog of a label that released Turkish language recordings sold largely in ethnic grocery stores. As for the psychedelic connection, all tracks were psychedelic in the way of... Read more

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Synthesize the Soul: Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica from the Cape Verde Islands 1973-1988 features various artists and documents what happened in the ’70s and ’80s as Cape Verdean musicians traveled to and fro Europe, bringing synthesizers and el... Read more

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A good bar is a good bar no matter what time of year it is, and all of these bars are great places to go for a drink at any time. While this is true, there is something special about having a drink.. Read more

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The View From Here is Timothy Huang’s musical about a novelist moving to New York. The show takes the form of a series of letters to a girl back home. Sound fun? Those interested in seeing the show staged with a decent budget under the power.. Read more


Conquest & Cover-up is about the inherent conflict in establishing one’s own beliefs “for the greater good” yet simultaneously keeping much of the operation secret, censoring certain less-desirable information, and silencing outspoken critics.. Read more

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FootGolf, another permutation of plain old ball-and-clubgolf, is making its way into Milwaukee. Joining other golf alternatives such asarchery and Frisbee golf, FootGolf is played with a soccer ball and your ownfoot, and the goal is to sink t.. Read more

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  Lincoln and Stephen Spielberg may have been cheated at theOscars this year, but no one disputes Daniel Day-Lewis’ Best Actor award forhis unforgettable performance as the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln has been re.. Read more

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Some thoughts on the results of yesterday\'s historic primary election:<br /><br /> <ul> <li><strong>Barrett\'s numbers were surprisingly high</strong>. Polling had shown that he had a healthy lead over Kathleen Falk, Doug La Follette and .. Read more

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On Saturday, Jan. 28, the Milwaukee rap crew KingHellBastard will play an album release show at Mad Planet behind their latest full-length, <em>The War Room</em>, but they won\'t be the only ones on the bill celebrating a new release. Opener and f.. Read more

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The wide scope of John Martyn's music made him hard to market to a rock audience satisfied with easy categories, but the difficulty made him attractive to other musicians. Johnny Boy Would Love This is a two-CD tribute by a vast range of ar... Read more

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Civil War buffs will love this collection of period songs from the U.S. and Confederate navies, but their appeal isn't limited to memorabilia collectors and battlefield re-enactors. Anyone interested in American folk music will be fascinate... Read more

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Psychedelia slipped into the slums of Lima, Peru, by the late ’60s and merged with local roots for a hybrid music called chicha. With The Roots of Chicha 2, American musician Olivier Conan returns to the genre he helped expose to the wider ... Read more

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Five years after Katrina, the New Orleans music scene has largely been restored to where it was before the levees broke. The Crescent City’s unique place in American musical culture was documented over the years by the Folkways label. Class... Read more

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Many restaurants use the term “bistro” lightly, often forgetting that the origin of the word is French. But the Pastiche Bistro, which opened a few months ago under the helm of chef/owner Michael Engel, understands the proper meaning.This s... Read more

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Many of the most significant blues performers originated in the Mississippi Delta, but blues music was widespread in the South from early on. Classic Appalachian Blues is by no means the final word on the subject, but it includes recordings... Read more

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A Christmas Gift for You ,CD Reviews Read more

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A four-disc set in a hardcover-book format, filledwith photos and brief artist histories, Where the Action Is! ,CD Reviews Read more

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