Velvet Underground

Music makes a great gift and has become more than a stocking stuffer, given the bulk of the career-spanning LP-CD box sets being released. This article canvasses some recently released CD-LP box sets as well as some newly published music-re... more

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Loaded: Re-Loaded 45th Anniversary Edition is the re-release of the fourth album and final chapter in the history of America’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band, The Velvet Underground. Loaded was a horse of a different color and, taken on its ow... more

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Few bands make a career-defining record the second time at bat. Then again, the Velvet Underground was no ordinary band. By the time they recorded White Light/White Heat (in two days, no less) it was clear this was not the Summer of Love. H... more

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 Bryan Ferryis one of the outstanding figures to emerge from rock music in the 1970s andlike old scotch whiskey, he has aged well. With Roxy Music and in his long solocareer, Ferry created Pop Art statements more emotionally eng.. more

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The Talking Heads' first recording was titled “Love Goes to Building on Fire,” and although Will Hermes never does explicate the title of his intriguing history Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Fo... more

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Rock critics often carried on like a boys' club (but then, so did most rock bands). An important, often overlooked female voice from the early years, Ellen Willis, became The New Yorker's first pop music critic in 1968. Sensing that the mus... more

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Last week McGwireadmitted what many in baseball had long believed: For much of his career Twelve years ago athrilling summer lifted Major League Baseball out of the slump created ,Sports more

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It's the type of news that usually turns out to be a hoax. Late last week, an unreleased 1967 Velvet Underground bootleg with a never-before-heard song hit the Internet. Even without the new cut, this would be a huge deal. While the Velvet Un.. more

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