All I Want Is You

What’s behind pop culture?Or a better question might be: “Why are we so obsessed with it?”Why are we so enamored by people completely disconnected from our own lives? Why do we engage in national news rather than the local issues happening .. Read more

Visual Arts

A number of sharp observers have commented on the growing disparity between producers and rappers in the local hip-hop scene: Milwaukee producers keep improving, creating better, more professional and more original beats, while the Milwaukee rapp.. Read more

On Music

There’s a deep divide, if not an outright schism, in R&Bright now. After years of easy overlap with the pop charts, the genre is rapidlyfalling out of favor with Top 40 radio. To adapt the most commerciallysavvy R&B artists are purging more tra.. Read more

On Music

Chrisette Michele has come a long way since she emerged as contemporary R&B's answer to the jazz throwback singers in vogue at the middle of the decade, piping twee, Billie Holiday-esque verses into songs for Jay-Z, Nas and The Roots. On last year.. Read more

On Music

The same magic that allowed Counting Crows' unkempt, dreadlocked singer Adam Duritz to date two of the three female leads from "Friends" must have carried over to Duritz's music career, because 17 years after the band's blockbuster Read more

Today in Milwaukee

With her soothing, almost whispered vocals and quirky demeanor, St. Vincent’s frizzy-haired singer Annie Clark comes across as a calm, collected and cheerful performer, but don’t let her outer shell fool you. Listen closely to her lyrics an... Read more

Concert Reviews

Chicago soundsmith J.R. Robinson must have a sense of humor, since he named his latest project Wrekmeister Harmonies even though there’s barely a harmony to be found in the dense, experimental web he weaves. Robinson will play here tonight ... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Who knew that a school board electioncould be so full of drama? Read more

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