A Most Wanted Man

Furtive encounters on the wet, neon-streaked streets of Hamburg provide the backdrop for the final starring role by PhilipSeymour Hoffman, a story of terrorism, espionage and distrust, A Most Wanted Man. He was among the great actors of his gener.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Philip Seymour Hoffman was among the great actors of his generation, and while he played many parts, he was especially at home when suffering no fools. In A Most Wanted Man, his final starring role before his death earlier this year, Hoffm... more

Film Reviews

Defying the timeworn archetype of the cigar-chomping, loud-mouthed insult comedian, Norm MacDonald delivers his pointed barbs from behind a veneer of amiable aloofness, allowing him to feign innocence even after the most incendiary more

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