Thetitle of the book is misleading. Homer Simpson Ponders Politics (UniversityPress of Kentucky) isn’t about the world according to Matt Groening, but rangeswidely, hooking-up particular films, television shows, graphic novels andgenr.. more

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Gertrude Berg was a remarkable woman. At a time when men usually made the calls in show business, she wrote, produced and starred in her own network radio comedy. Although the gold standard for American culture was White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, .. more

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Alan Moore is not the exclusive subject of Peter Y. Paik’s new book, but the brilliant mind behind The Watchmen and V for Vendetta, graphic novels (a term Moore hates) that became films (that he disclaimed) occupies many pages. In From Utopia to.. more

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Over the next threemonths, the Wisconsin Legislature and governor will try to enact the C ShepherdExpress ,Expresso more

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Is it arrogant or ignorant to film a book deemed unfilmable by its author, who spits on yo 300 ,Film more

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Donny of Expressions Mass Media is trying to change this mindset with his new weekly ev Laura Anne Stuart owns the Tool Shed, an erotic boutique on Milwaukee's East Side. She has ,None more

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Alan Moore is probably bemused, even a bit amused, by the legal problems surrounding next year’s scheduled release of Watchmen, the film based on his 1980s graphic novel. Seems that 20th Century Fox is suing Warner Brothers over who owns which s.. more

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