Water Council

Key players in Milwaukee’s business community and spectatorsalike congregated in the Global Water Center on the morning of Wednesday, Nov.2 for “Building a Stronger Startup Community,” a special edition of the popular1 Million Cups series.. more

Around MKE

“Antiques Roadshow” turned the curiosity everyone sometimes has over the value of junk in the attic into a national obsession. Suddenly, people with faded Picasso reproductions or impressions of The Last Supper with a plastic hook on the rear.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Neil Young’s new record Le Noise certainly doesn’t sound like an album produced by studio pioneer Daniel Lanois. Unlike most Lanois productions, it’s raw and stripped down, a distorted, feedback-laden set that emphasizes Young&rsq more

Today in Milwaukee

If Milwaukee is to become aworld-renowned leader in water-related industries, then, the thinkinggoes, the city needs a first-class landmark building that will attractvisitors and investors from around,News Features more

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