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The Humane Animal Welfare Society is hosting a HAWS Happy Hour on Friday, Jan. 31 from 5-9 p.m. at their location in Waukesha (701 Northview Road) with Westallion Brewing Company and the Twisted Plants food truck. Read more

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Veteran cyclists of AIDS Ride Wisconsin gathered for a three-day ride from Madison to Waukesha and back again. Read more


When Frank Greguska Sr. and his wife, Irene, first opened Discount Liquor in 1960, martini drinkers made gin “in,” beer and soda was sold in returnable bottles, and beer choices were limited to about a half-dozen domestics like Blatz or Hamm’s. Read more



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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other sources recently compiled a statistical rating of 381 major U.S. metropolitan areas in order to identify the 20 drunkest cities in America. Incredibly, or maybe not, 10 of the nation’s 20 most ... Read more

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Here's a preview of what's to come at Summerfest on June 28, 2,Summerfest 2017 Read more

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Rochester Deli is a popular Downtown Waukesha destination for sandwiches and salads. Read more

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“Segregation has a huge impact on keeping people from knowing other people. When there’s a lack of contact, you rely on stereotypes, you don’t communicate and you make assumptions about other people. It really does the city a disservice. x9... Read more

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“Today, the majority opinion significantly dims the lights on transparency in government and shuts off some lights by concluding that the Department of Justice may withhold both of the videos in their entirety,” Justice Shirley Abrahamso... Read more

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The 10th annual Waukesha BluesFest will be held from August12-13 at Naga-Waukee Park in Delafield. This year’s headliners are Popa Chubbyand Lydia Pense & Cold Blood. See full lineup below: Friday, August 12Popa ChubbyCedric Burnsid.. Read more

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Waukesha still needs to jump through a few hoops before it receives Lake Michigan water under the Great Lakes Water Compact. Read more

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Even when they’re in the center of the stage, women are often overlooked. Ami Majeskie looks to focus on a certain often-overlooked 50% of the population as she presents The Untitled Women Project. It’s a program of scenes, monologues, dance.. Read more



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It’s always a pleasure being able to go and review a show with my daughter Amalia. As she is only in the shadow of a half a decade old, there aren’t that many opportunities to bring her to the theater. Thankfully, First Stage has a series of k.. Read more


Is the City of Waukesha violating the Civil Rights Act by seeking federal funding to pipe in Lake Michigan water under the Great Lakes Compact? Read more

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Whatis it about a country road? These lonely highway markers beckon to me like noother. You can get lost on them for hours – and discover obscure unincorporatedtowns, unvisited county parks, or simply pleasant scenery. My faithfulcompanion, AJ.. Read more

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The fact that Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren declared two 12-year-old girls charged with committing a horrific crime to be rational adults capable of making rational adult decisions does not make it so. Read more

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Onone of my recent Sunday meanderings with AJ Page, we opted to set aside thecell phones, rather than map out a set destination. It was too time consuming,and you couldn't really enjoy the scenery along the way out the car window whenyour nose.. Read more

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Yearsin the making, the city of Waukesha is poised to submit its requestfor the Lake Michigan water under the Great Lakes Compact. Waukesha,a city in a “straddling” county that encompasses both the Great Lakes basin andthe Mississippi Riv.. Read more

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It'sa log, it's a portable fire, it's: TimberTote! I like to share the love for alocal business when I can. Here is one that you may not have heard of yet – butthat you could certainly appreciate on one of your nature outings. Thisingenious li.. Read more

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