Will Durst W/ Richard Halasz

Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple has had a remarkably long life for light comedy. The durable 1965 stage sitcom has lasted through a 1968 film, a TV series that lasted through the first half of the 1970s and, as of this writing, two full seasons .. Read more

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Following this morning's Fall Out Boy concert announcement, the Rave has announced this afternoon that another recently reunited alternative-rock staple will be headlining the venue. Garbage will play Saturday, April 6 with openers 10 Echo, the ve.. Read more

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Milwaukee-born political satirist Will Durst has weighed in on the fractured state of the country for The New York Times, NPR and CNN, where he’s a semi-regular guest, though his soapbox of choice is the Internet, where he posts Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The real winners in the 2008 presidential campaign—aside from, of course, the Democrats— were political comedians, who in the age of You- Tube and the 24-hour news cycle held nearly as much clout as traditional journalists. Milwaukee native... Read more

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