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No one realistically expected the Wisconsin basketball team to go undefeated, but the way the Badgers lost twice last week—with Indiana and Michigan scoring way more

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Whether they're wearing red or gold, fans at the Kohl Center on Saturday will be rooting for one of the elite basketball programs in the nation. The annual Wisconsin more

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The Wisconsin Badgers rode a roller-coaster last football season. Despite four conference losses UW reached the Big Ten title game because of sanctions to Ohio more

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The Packers didn't just stabilize their season by edging New Orleans, 28-27, at Lambeau Field. They also salvaged part of the weekend for fans who'd suffered through the Badgers' come-from-ahead loss at Nebraska and the... more

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Let's just say the state's football fans have had better weekends. First the Badgers flopped at Oregon State, 10-7, going scoreless for the first 58-plus minutes. Then the Packers opened their season with a frustrating 30-22 loss to San F... more

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Lofty expectations are terrific for a sports team—if they're fulfilled. Just ask the Packers how they feel about the “15-1, then one and done” sequel to a Super Bowl title. Now it's the... more

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It was a modest goal, to be sure, but it was within the Bucks' reach. Energized by the mid-March trade that landed shooting guard Monta Ellis from Golden State, they climbed to the .500 mark on April 7 and were a half-game behind New York..... more

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Bret Bielema said it best: “All the stars had to be aligned for that to happen.” The Wisconsin football coach was talking about the final play Saturday night in East Lansing, Mich., but his words applied to the entire game... more

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There’s something really visceral about the work of Jaques Brel. The Belgian singer-songwriter had kind of an unremarkable voice, relatively speaking. . . but his best work so perfectly captured a very specific mood that almost anyone can relate.. more

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And so it begins: three weekends of hysteria known as the NCAA basketball tour nd so it begins: three weekends of hysteria known as the NCAA basketball tour ,Sports more

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Crunchtime is here in college basketball and it’s near—well, kind of getting ,Sports more

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The Observers prepared f The Observers prepared for their weekly get-together with intense workouts of theirchanne ,Sports more

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<a href="">This article</a> was featured in Friday's Journal-Sentinel pre-draft coverage and basically says that Jack Ikegwuonu would be likely to be drafted. Instead, Ikegwuonu was drafted in the .. more

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Last night the Badger men's hockey team did everything they could to silence all the naysayers that said they didn't deserve to be included in the 16-team NCAA championship tournament when the beat the University of Denver 6-2. I actually had to D.. more

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Division Day’s brand of melodic, introspective indie/power-pop can be abit disorie Beartrap Island ,Today in Milwaukee more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man ohmanischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, I was Swiss Movement ,Art for Art's Sake more

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With minimal dialogue but plenty of scene-setting, the 2006 Taiwanese film I Don't Want to Abominations ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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Wisconsin breaks into BCS top 25October 28, 2007 | 08:29 PMAfter a command performance yesterday that no one got to see (damn you Big Ten Network!!) the Badgers edged their way back into rankings and showed up at 21 on this week's BCS standings.. more

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