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After politics, Scott Walker chose to become a public speaker by walking in the steps of Lee Dreyfus, which is a dubious choice at best. Read more

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The Shepherd Express enthusiastically and unequivocally endorses Tony Evers for governor. Read more

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Pictured: Milwaukee ’s first Courthouse,built in 1836. Milwaukee ’sfirst two murderers were imprisoned in a small shack to the rear of thebuilding. This November willmark the 180th anniversary of a somewhat dubious milestone in cityhistory – .. Read more

What Made Milwaukee Famous

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Visual Arts

Steve Solomon has built a solid touring career around his family. It’'s just him onstage, though … being the son of a Jewish father, an Italian mother who grew-up in Brooklyn, Solomon has all of the right background for a solid comedy act centere.. Read more


It’s Election Day 2010.As the Shepherd goes to press, we don’t know who voters will select in voting booths across the state.But we do know that a new governor—whether it’s Democrat Tom Barrett or Republican Scott Walker— Read more

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The race to succeed Gov. Jim Doyle takes shape Shepherd. ,News Features Read more

Happening Now

Now in its eighth year, Fighting Bob Fest draws more than 10,000 progressives and activists to Baraboo to discuss politics and brainstorm solutions. In this Shepherd Q&A, its founder, attorney and former gubernatorial candidate Ed Garvey, previewe.. Read more

Happening Now

So Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker made a “very special announcement” this week to no one’s surprise. He’s running for governor, again, and hitting the road in a taxpayer-funded statewide trip on the back of a Harley-Davidson, again. Read more

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Join the Shepherd Express Street Team in celebrating Art Kumbalek's candidacy announcement!! The Shepherd Express and Art Kumbalek will be hocking campaign items, awesome new VOTE T-shirts and,Promotions Read more