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Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Milwaukee Rugby Football Club (MRFC), the city’s first rugby organization, was founded in 1968. Off the Cuff interviews MRFC veteran Jay Stemper about the organization’s history and current activity. Read more

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Milwaukeeans love their dive bars. Every neighborhood has one—or seven—and locals are loyal to their favorites. Because of this local tavern culture, the term “dive bar” isn't a bad thing around here; instead it implies a warm, humble community.. Read more

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No ancient civilization exerts the same fascination over the popular imagination as Egypt. Perhaps the scale of the monuments they left behind is the reason for the wonder they arouse. Egyptologist Thomas Schneider arranges his easily reada... Read more


Let’s all raise a glass to Wisconsin, a state that has dominated the brewing industry for centuries. Bottoms Up: A Toast to Wisconsin’s Historic Bars and Breweries toasts the historic taverns that have made our state famous by Read more


In February 2008, the Badgers were down one to Indiana with 12 seconds left. This happened:   Fast forward to last night. Freshman John Gasser (he of UW's only ever triple double) wins the game for Wisconsin against Michigan:   Read more

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Being a city literally built on the mass consumption of beer, Milwaukee's corner bars and taverns have always been an integral part of neighborhood culture and economy. To be sure, many if not most taverns found wi... Read more