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The Racine bar Brass Monkey will play host to some of thearea’s brightest up and coming rappers and producers at the second annualwrestling themed concert “Rappermania.”One of our own ShepherdExpress coverstory artists, Reggie Bonds, will.. Read more

Happening Now

Sitting inside the BMO Harris BradleyCenter, I silently waited to see who would be facing off against Curtis Axel,an intentionally delusional wannabe Hulk Hogan. The lights all but went out andsome electronic rock reminiscent of early 2000s mov.. Read more

Happening Now

One thing you can confidently say about 21st-century America is this: Our icons of seemingly frivolous spectacle often embody deeply significant and disturbing truths. What was Balloon Boy but a deadly serious commentary on national gullibi... Read more

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For years, brothers Aaron and Michael Weiss exorcised their demons in the band The Operation, setting low expectations for their experimental side project, MewithoutYou. To their surprise, it became more successful and creatively Read more

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