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The following review is spoiler free!  Enjoy!Somewhere between Visual Novel and Point-and-Click Adventure lies Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. Forgoing interactive obstacles for a deep and engaging narrative, Rapture’s focus is placed squarely in.. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Close your eyes. Picture an enormous enclosed soccer field. Now imagine the players are rocket powered cars. This is Rocket League.Silly? Most certainly. Stupid? To a degree. But Rocket League’s bombastic rendition of the world’s most popular spor.. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Xbox Distances Itself From 3rd Party Exclusives, Ouya Gets Bought Out, and the First NX Title May Have Been Announced!AudioListen to the latest PressureCast on iTunes, Stitcher or Direct Link.  Let us know what you think. Leave us a voice or .. Read more

Video Games are Dumb

AudioListen to the latest PressureCast by iTunes, Stitcher or Direct Link.VideoLet us know what you think. Leave us a voice or text message at 954-947-7377 or email us at Read more

Video Games are Dumb

Lee “Scratch” Perry was one of the most distinctive voices to emerge from reggae and an innovator in dub, the echo-laden, studio-generated island music offshoot. Revelation continues Perry’s journey through stream-of-consciousness Rasta Read more

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We’re still feeling the effects of the intense storm of July 22-23, when many neighborhoods and homes were flooded by up to 9 inches of rain in a very short span of time.Since the storm, many myths have circulated about what happened, what ... Read more

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The great South African actor Andre Huguenet (Kenneth Albers) is dying of unimportance, a classical performer at the end of his career. But the lessons he teaches the playwright (David Daniel) in Athol Fugard’s Exits and Entrances, which op... Read more