Ok, so its just an idea being floated by one Yankees blogger, but its so ridiculous that I had to share it.Read his whole post here. However, despite the fact that this is such a pipe dream, it doesnt really help the Yankees' reputation of poa.. more

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Frank: I'll bet the Brewers were especially glad to see Miller Park again after experiencing the two oldest, smallest visitors' clubhouses in baseball. Artie: To say nothing of experiencing a 2-5 record at Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, an... more

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The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre opens its 2010-2011 season with a production of Jeeves Intervenesa comedy bsed on the early 20th century stories by P.G. Wodehouse. If you hear the names Jeeves, you think of a butler. Wodehouse is the reason for th.. more

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With the hip-hop group Def Harmonic, beat-maker J Todd deftly created some of Milwaukee’s spaciest, futro-funk beats before throwing listeners a 100-mph curveball with his electro-rock project, Leo Minor. Todd’s latest band, Wizard of Cause... more

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What a mess. Alex Rodriguez, baseball’s hope to succeed Hank Aaron as the unblemishe What a mess. Alex Rodriguez, baseball’s hope to succeed Hank Aaron as the unblemishe ,Sports more

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 Sources: Yankees, Sabathia near dealFrom New York Yankees were "very close" to a preliminary agreement with CC Sabathia on Wednesday morning, following an in-person meeting between Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Sabathia in Californi.. more

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ThePolka King There used to be more concertinas hanging onthe wall... ,Off the Cuff more

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