Gregg Zaun left tonight's game when it looked like a pitch hit his finger. Turns out he has a shoulder strain. This is likely the same injury that caused all those poor throw-backs to the mound way back on April 26. Not sure why he's just now taki.. more

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You may remember last Monday night when Gregg Zaun was having difficulties throwing the ball back to pitcher Yovani Gallardo. It was later reported that Zaun was having shoulder spasms and therefore had little feeling in his harm. A quick treatmen.. more

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The Brewers are neither completely sucking nor riding the high tide, and I feel like there's nothing to write about. Sad, isn't it? If there are few things to cheer or few things to whine about, I'm stuck. Rough spot to be in, the Astros fans s.. more

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The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Pops pays tribute to one of the most legendary pop compos Carousel ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Hang out with wine folks long enough, and eventually someone will start talking about terr Terroir ,The Naked Vine more