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Milwaukee’s Dynamic Events

Special-event planner David Caruso rises to the top

Mar. 30, 2010
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DavidCaruso’s career is the culmination of everything he’s done thus far in life. Intimately involved in theater while growing up, he went on to become the youngest editor of his high-school newspaper, and then studied visual communications and television broadcasting at Marquette University. As head of Dynamic Events, Caruso plans and organizes special events, corporate retreats, television segments, product launches and grand openings. He creates experiences with an eye for detail and tells stories through his events.

What is the most exciting thing about you?

The special-event industry provides me with the excitement and the energy to express my sense of creativity, flair and fun. I love to stay on top of the latest trends and I very much enjoy teaching my peers, presenting to groups and using my experience to inspire clients and other professionals to create the best event experiences possible.

Why is significant about David Caruso and Dynamic Events?

I have changed the event culture in Milwaukee. When I started my business, special events in our city generally lacked creativity and uniqueness. With hard work, persistence and an amazing amount of passion, I have been able to help transform the industry from ordinary to extraordinary. My events are fun, flawless and fabulous! Each and every detail is considered and coordinated with precision. Whether it is a corporate event, wedding, charity gala or party, my events express the personalities and styles of my clients. I am able to use the event experience to achieve goals in ways that have elevated my clients to unexpected levels.

How has your knowledge of the world grown?

I know now that you absolutely must have thick skin to be successful in business. When challenges present themselves, people will surprise you when their true colors are revealed, and you need to have the confidence and ability to keep your chin up and move on with dignity and style.

As crazy as it may seem, I'm actually quite uncomfortable in social settings. A few years ago I could hardly walk into a room filled with people on my own. Here I am the producer of the city's most-talked-about special events, and I have somewhat of a phobia of being in large groups. Considering this, I try to avoid almost any question about my personal life. I'd much rather talk about my career, the news, Oprah and what's happening on reality TV!

Until recently, I also avoided the questions about my experience with testicular cancer. It was a complicated and challenging time in my life and I never really liked to talk about it. Over the past few years I have realized that my story as a cancer survivor is inspiring and worth sharing. Sharing my cancer story has helped me to heal and has introduced me to some of the most special people that I know.

What are your thoughts on Milwaukee?

Our city is filled with creative talent, fabulous places to dine, historic architecture, renowned entertainment options, first-class medical facilities, impressive centers for academic study and a rejuvenated lakefront. If there is one thing that Milwaukee is missing, it is a central destination. Unfortunately, the Downtown area doesn't get the recognition and patronage that it deserves. Get down here, people: The city is a fun place to work, live and play!


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