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Haiku Funeral

If God Is a Drug (Hikikomori Records)

Apr. 25, 2011
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Pure evil. There really is no other way to describe the dark, experimental music of Haiku Funeral, a demonic duo featuring former Racine bassist William Kopecky. If God Is a Drug, the second full-length album in Kopecky's alliance with Bulgarian black-metal lord Dimitar Dimitrov, echoes with ambient terror, modulated and whispered vocals, and an almost-unbearable sense of impending doom. (The duo also recently released a single-track 3-inch CD called Hell, with a running time of 666 seconds.)

Haiku Funeral's songwriting has improved over 2009's Assassination in the Hashish Cathedral, with tracks such as "The Holy Connection" and "Fungoid Moon" revealing the duo's occasional sense of melody. Elsewhere, "The Trees Are Killing the Sky," which could be the soundtrack to a séance, hauntingly segues to "City In the Sea," Haiku Funeral's interpretation of the Edgar Allan Poe poem. For the most part, though, these sinister soundscapes probe the unexplored depths of black metal's ice-cold soul, blocking out all light. What's more, mostly unintelligible lyrics will no doubt rile some listeners.

You've been warned.

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