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Tim Schweiger

Schwim Tiger

Apr. 7, 2008
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Neenah, Wis., native Tim Schweiger has already amassed a lengthy rsum in northeastern Wisconsin punk and power-pop. That history no doubt contributes to Schwim Tiger's rounded, fresh-out-of-the-garage rocking. His overall vibe comes off like a post-grunge Dwight Twilley, though it also recalls early-'70s proto-metal, self-deprecating downtempo reflections and pre-Green Day pop-punk.

At his hardest, Schweiger could even be mistaken for Andrew W.K.'s more earnest, less party-hearty counterpart. Alas, comparisons only detract from the original voice that Schweiger is developing. There was a time when calling Schweiger’s style of music “rock 'n' roll” would have sufficed. It's safe to say he'd be happy with that designation, too.

Tim Schweiger performs at the Cactus Club on Friday, April 11.


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