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Torture is an impeachable offense

Kathleen Sommers, Milwaukee

May. 7, 2008
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Calling for Impeachment is our Constitutional right and totally American. The House called for impeachment of Bill Clinton because he lied about an affair. George Bush: 1) has sent our children to war without formal declaration; 2) has violated the UN Charter to which we are committed by treaty by going to war; 3) has looted the Treasury, putting the burden of his undeclared war on the poor while the war profiteers get richer; 4) has sent our soldiers out to fight these pseudo wars without PROPER equipment.Never mind the Blackwater mercenaries, waterboard torture, sending prisoners to other countries to be tortured for us.
The authors of the Constitution wrote the impeachment procedures so we Americans would step in and hold our elected officials accountable when they have violated the rules of their office.The evidence that this is the case with Bush and Cheney is all there, so I call for impeachment as a proud and voting American and I urge all who believe in America to do so as well!
Kathleen Sommers


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