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Kevin Eubanks

Tonight @ the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center - 8 p.m.

May. 17, 2008
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Jazz guitarist Kevin Eubanks is best known for his passive, goo-natured presence on “The Tonight Show,” where he plays Paul Shaffer to Jay Leno’s David Letterman, but musically he’s far more adventurous than the tame, adult-contemporary tone of “The Tonight Show” might suggest. Some of his recordings even hint at the edgy guitar work of Mahavishnu Orchestra-era John McLaughlin. Tonight Eubanks takes a break from the “Tonight Show” set and Leno’s constant hazing to perform an 8 p.m. set at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center.


Rolling back Barack Obama’s reforms, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has directed federal prosecutors to seek the harshest sentences for drug offenses. Is it bad policy to fill the prison system with nonviolent offenders?

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