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Impeachable Offenses

Walter Wilson, Glendale

May. 27, 2008
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For over seven long years, the list of impeachable offenses in this Administration have nightly been on the news -- refusing to answer lawful subpoenas, politicizing the Justice Department, spying on Americans, rendition, torture and the creation of endless enemies, to name a few.Some suggest we just overlook it all because the end is near, and the media's distraction with candidate infighting is a perfect foil.But we may all realize our error too late when the last nail is driven into a Bill of Rights that no longer protects any American.

When is the best time to begin to correct the course of the ship of state and bring to trial the outlaws currently hiding out in an undisclosed location in the executive office?When is the ideal time to protect the Constitution?Simply, when it needs protecting. Was the icy winter of Valley Forge an appropriate time to defend American rights? Why isn't today the right time to protect our way of life?

Walter Wilson


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