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Vacation Guide to the Solar System (Penguin), by Olivia Koski and Jana Grcevich

Jun. 6, 2017
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“We are, at heart, space travel agents,” writes Olivia Koski and Jana Grcevich, tongues gently in cheek. Vacation Guide to the Solar System is constructed around the idea of high-end adventure trips to neighboring planets but it’s also an informative, easy-to-digest travelogue of places human feet have yet to touch. The science-education authors offer many interesting tidbits, such as NASA’s current requirements for astronauts in training, along with descriptions of each planet. “If you’re looking for a sun-filled holiday, there is no better place than Mercury,” they advise. Though stripped of its designation as a planet, Pluto is still breathtaking for its mile-high pink-hued mountains. “Assuming you survive the journey,” the authors add, “you will cherish the memories you bring back for the rest of your life.” 


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