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Lem Genovese

Six Lazzeri Lane (Yankee Medic)

Jul. 27, 2009
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Lem Genovese, from Holmen, Wis., may be a war veteran from the Vietnam era, but he sings of his military experienceamong other topicswith the verve of a younger man. Vocally, he could be mistaken for Madison folkie Ken Lonnquist, but Genovese's often-funky acoustic guitar takes that comparison only so far. Whether he's laying down tasty instrumentals or singing of a prayer for post-9/11 troops or the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and gossip magazines, he finds a nice niche between Gordon Lightfoot's groove and Bruce Cockburn's expansive instrumental explorations. Funny that an artist so resolutely American in his lyrical perspective would appear to be influenced by a couple of Canadians, but Genovese's generosity of spirit and concern for his fellow vets make it work.


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