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Wild Space Presents ‘By Accident and Necessity’

Art Preview

Jan. 25, 2010
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From a candy store of delectable aphorisms offered by Milwaukee photographer Tom Bamberger for this article, my favorite is: “Our brains want to know; if it were up to our brains, we would have no present.” This is a good introduction to his time-bending new artwork, which he calls “photos with time or movies without time.”

After viewing a 53-second sequence on a computer screen, during which I was aware of a subtle, unidentifiable change in the photographic image, I was shaken to learn that the first and last pictures were radically different. They shared a subject—a scattering of twigs and leaves against concrete—but it was as if, while staring at a single spot, I had walked across town!

Choreographer Debra Loewen of Wild Space Dance Company had invited me to see the work at Bamberger’s studio, since—please note—words can’t do it justice. Months ago, Bamberger had invited her over for that purpose.

“I had been hibernating from my career,” he said. “I didn’t know what I was doing; this was an innocent exploration.”

Loewen proposed a collaboration, which she has taken the initiative to produce, in which time and seeing itself are the subjects.

“By Accident and Necessity” will happen twice, on Friday, Jan. 29, and Saturday, Jan. 30, from 8-11 p.m., in an easy-to-find warehouse just south of Pittsburgh Street and west of the river. Audiences may arrive and depart at will, and are free to move and converse throughout.

Bamberger’s interrelated movies will play continuously on three 16-by-9-foot screens between 8 and 11 p.m., while 11 dancers, including a guest appearance by Yuki Clark, on loan from Milwaukee Ballet, perform Loewen’s dances at intervals. This is important, risk-taking work from some of our finest artists.

For more information, visit www.wildspacedance.org


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