Jeremy Welter, Mark Neufang and a Rope

Jun. 7, 2014
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off the wall
The summer theater season is always an interesting mix of different elements. Next month a murder drama skulks onto one of the most intimate stages in town as Off The Wall Theatre presents Patrick Hamilton’s Rope.

The 1929 British drama is inspired by the Leopold and Loeb murder  case. On the sometimes shockingly small stage that is home to Off the Wall, Jeremy Welter and Mark Neufang star as a couple of guys in a sensual relationship who murder a fellow university student. They hid his body in a chest and proceed to host a party at which the chest containing the corpse is used to serve a buffet.

So it’s that kind of play.

And since this is Jeremy Welter and Mark Neufang, the psychological horror of the whole thing should be really interesting to watch. These are both really talented actors with very extensive experience on some of the most intimate theater spaces in town.

Off the Wall Theatre’s production of Rope runs July 17 - 27 on 127 E. Wells St. For more information about Off The Wall, visit them online.


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