Night Vale Comes To The Pabst

Jun. 26, 2014
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In a sense, Night Vale is what happens when the News from Lake Woebegone crawls off the airwaves and into the altogether more unsettling world of internet podcasts. But that’s not a really good description of it. The podcast series takes the form of a series of radio news broadcasts from the fictitious town of Night Vale. We get news, weather and creepy stories from a creepy, creepy corner of American consciousness. The series is available online for free in a series of easy-to-digest podcasts. At its best, the series reminds me of some of the more sinister stuff from classic old-time radio including Quiet, Please and X Minus One.

Night Vale has been taking the show on the road lately. This coming mid-July Night Vale records an episode in Milwaukee’s historic Pabst Theater.

Welcome To Night Vale comes to the Pabst Theater on Monday, July 14. For more information, visit the Pabst Theater online.

For more information about Night Vale and listen to their complete archive, visit them online.


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