Meet the Chef: Lazy Susan MKE

Apr. 18, 2016
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Chef/Owner: A.J. Dixon

What inspired you to become a chef?

My mother, Susan. I grew up eating everything from chitterlings to sushi in our house. She loved to cook. My fondest memories are of cooking with her. She watched cooking shows, talked with her many ethnic friends for recipes and experimented with things she had never made before. She passed away my last day of school my freshman year of high school and it was that moment I decided to be a chef. I wanted to do what she should have done and couldn’t, so here I am today.

Favorite dish and drink/recommendation at Lazy Susan MKE?

Food is hard; our menu here changes weekly. So, I have different favorites. Usually my favorite anything is when halibut season is here, or pretty much spring and summer when there’s so much more produce and things that I forage are also available. As far as drinks, I am a lover of rosé—we have two on the wine list and I have a stockpile of more to share—and any cocktail with veggies (like beets) or herbs in them. Gin is my liquor of choice. Right now, we have been making beet vodka and have a great beet martini on the menu.

What kind of experience are guests getting when they dine at Lazy Susan MKE?

Lazy Susan MKE has the “I am at my cool Grandma's house” feel. The interior is warm, inviting and comfortable. The goal was to make you feel like you are having dinner at my house or a family member’s house. My main goal was to have a place that really brings dinner back to the table. The service here is kind, unpretentious and friendly. 

What is the most unique thing about how you prepare food at Lazy Susan MKE?

We like to call ourselves “sharable plates,” not small plates but not family style. There are lazy susans on tables; we want you to order a few things and share them like you would at home on a dinner table. Our food is from all over the world, much like I grew up eating. We have a lot of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan items because I believe everyone should have a full meal that they can eat. We source local and during the summer I grow a lot of things from my garden to use, as well as go to the West Allis Farmers market. 


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