NOFX Creeps Out Tegan and/or Sara

May. 3, 2009
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Hat tip to Ryan Miller for introducing me to this track on last night's Indie Soundcheck: NOFX's new single, "Creeping Out Sara," an apparently somewhat true story recounting Fat Mike's run-in with one of the Quin sisters from Tegan and Sara (there's some question as to which one it was). It's a typically snotty NOFX songthere's something reassuring about the way these guys haven't changed their sound in 15 yearsand it hits all the obvious Tegan and Sara talking points, namely:

1. They're identical twins, and thus diffuclt to tell apart
2. Canadian
3. Bad haircuts
4. Lesbians

Fat Mike hits home point number four particularly hard, asking Sara (or Tegan) if she's ever had a three-way with her sister, hence the "creeping out" the song title promises. The track has pissed off plenty of Tegan and Sara fans, but apparently not Tegan and Sara themselves, who seem to understand the futility in taking umbrage over a NOFX song.


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