88.9's Tarik Moody Prepares For Iraq Deployment

Jul. 15, 2009
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Radio Milwaukee 88.9 will temporarily say goodbye to one of its most familiar voices this month. As those who have regularly listen to the station know, DJ Tarik "The Architect" Moody is being deployed to Baghdad for 10 months in October, where he will serve as a public affairs officer. It will be Moody's first deployment since he joined the army reserves.

"I was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant back in 1996 via a four-year ROTC scholarship to Howard University in Washington DC where I studied architecture," Moody explains. "I did ROTC in high school, and my dad was in the air force, and I felt that I should I do the same, and pay for my own tuition, and I always wanted to serve."

Moody plans on returning to 88.9 when he returns to Milwaukee, and says that he'll try to keep up with music while he's abroad.

"I will have access to internet while I'm away, so it should be easy to stay current with the music," he says. "I will also continue my blog at needledrop.net and 88Nine's blog and my personal blog once I get there. I also plan to do a podcast, which will depend on my schedule."

Before Moody leaves for Maryland for two months to prepare for his service, he'll DJ his own going-away party on Friday, July 24* at the Stonefly Brewery, with Jonathan Frost, The Rusty Ps and Adi Mack for an event titled "Bombs over Baghdad."

[Correction: An earlier version of this posted erroneously cited the date of the show as Saturday, July 25.]


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