Off Stage Events At The Dawn of 2010

The Milwaukee General Auditions Approach

Dec. 31, 1969
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As the end of the first half of the theatre season approaches, the late December lull in openings brings with it some planning for future shows. Ben Turk recently sent out to a few people a copy of a one-act he’d written that may never get produced. 

(Writing a play without really having a clear idea of how it might get produced reminds me of something screenwriter Charlie Kaufman said in an interview. He’d mentioned that he’d written the script for Being John Malkovich without ever expecting it to get produced. The interviewer asked Kaufman why he would go to all the trouble of writing a script he didn’t ever expect to get produced. Kaufman explained by telling the interviewer that he was a screenwriter—he writes scripts.)

There’s also an upcoming staged reading of Patrick Schmitz’s new show coming up early on in the new year that sounds frightfully interesting. Elsewhere, deadlines approach for no less than three different theatrical shorts festivals, keeping me quite busy with scriptwriting . . . and elsewhere still, one of the biggest offstage events of the year is coming up in the end of January.


The 2010 Milwaukee General Auditions loom ahead on the 25th and 26th off January. It’s the one annual event that allows actors an opportunity to audition for every major professional theatre company in town (and quite a few others) at once. It’s a very, very big deal for actors . . .

Auditions take place at the Milwaukee Rep’s 4th Floor Rehearsal Hall on 108 East Wells Street.

The first day of auditions (on the 25th) is open to Equity Actors only . . . All eligible actors can begin to reserve a spot at the auditions on the 11th starting at 9am. Appointments are available by contacting Administrative Intern Michael Cotey at 414-290-5391.

The second day of auditions (on the 26th) is open to non-Equity actors. The only day to reserve a spot on the schedule is by contacting Michael between 9am and 10 am on January 18th. That’s one hour. Audition appointments are scheduled on a first come-first served basis.

Further questions can be directed to Michael Cotey at:

Before doing so, check out the detailed info on the auditions available at Cotey’s Milwukee Generals Page


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