Once More with Feeling

A Karaoke Affair

Jul. 4, 2010
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Poker-faced psychiatrist Frank Gregorio (Chazz Palminteri) learns about karaoke during a session with a patient. In the synchronistic string of events to follow, Frank winds up buying a toy karaoke machine for his granddaughters birthday and spending an evening with his wife in a karaoke bar. Hes tempted to go onstage. Unlike many microphone jockeys, he can actually sing, and the performances that follow reawaken his long dormant dream of becoming a professional entertainer. Alas, following ones dream can have unanticipated and unfortunate consequences.

In Once More with Feeling, a 2009 Sundance entry (out on DVD), the karaoke phenomenon is the backdrop to writer Gina OBrien and director Jeff Linskys story of midlife crisis, golden age romance and the temptation of infidelity that rises from a desire to throw away the certainty of routine for a doubtful but thrilling path into the future. The movies pace is slack but relieved by droll moments of humor and a strong ensemble cast.


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