A New Hitler Pushes Back MEIN KAMPF

George Tabori Political Spoof at Carte Blanche Theatre opens one week later

Sep. 13, 2011
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Sometimes there’s just no way to deliver news without it sounding kind of weird. Carte Blanche Studio Theatre had announced some time ago its plan to stage a production of the George Tabori political spoof Mein Kampf. Though it had been acclaimed those times it saw the stage in Europe, the comedy has rarely been staged here in the states. (I don’t know . . . maybe it has something to do with the title . . . )

It was recently announced that Carte Blanche’s original Hitler Brad Novak has dropped out of the production. And so it was that Carte Blanche had to find a new Hitler. Now directory Jimmy Dragolovich will be playing the male lead. Jackie Benka has stepped in as director for the final days before opening night. The spoof must go on as they say . . .

But what with a sudden shift in Hitlers, the show has had to postpone opening until the following week. Whereas it was originally going to open next week, the new opening date is the 29th. This makes for a rather crowded final week in September. (There are four shows opening on that weekend. I kind of like how that makes, my tentative personal schedule look like for the end of the month: Thursday: Mein Kampf Friday: Faust (with wife) Saturday: Little Shop of Horrors)

Carte Blanche’s Mein Kampf now runs September 29th through October 9th at Carte Blanche’s space on 1024 South 5th Street. For ticket reservations, call 262-716-4689.



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