Matt Zembrowski For The Holidays

Sunset Playhouse’s Bing thing

Nov. 24, 2011
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In making out my personal schedule of shows for the coming month, I find local stages awash in holiday cheer. In and amidst shows that are returning from perevious seasons, there are a few shows that only sound like they’re returning from previous seasons. One such show is the Sunset Playhouse’s  Bing Crosby: Christmas On The Air. The name is so universal—I’m sure I’ve seen something like that in holidays past, haven’t I? . . . it’s an homage to old time radio in which an actor plays Bing Crosby.

Honestly, seeing it on the Sunset’s calendar didn’t really impress me much until I saw Matt Zembrowski listed as the guy playing Bing. For me, the name Matt Zembrowski is a bigger draw than Bing Crosby . . . I know I’m in the minority here, but Zembrowski is a great deal of fun onstage in a musical role. (I never really liked Guys & Dolls until I saw him in a production at Off The Wall a little while back . . . this guy is good . . .) I'm not a fan of Crosby, but I would probably enjoy this show because of the guy playing him. 

So I may not be able to turn around my schedule so that I can see this show, but trust me . . . if this palys out at all like I’m picturing it, this could be fun.

Sunset Playhouse’s production of Matt Zembroski in Bing Crosby: Christmas On The Air runs December 8th – 18th at the Sunset’s Studio Theatre. For ticket reservations, call 262-782-4430 or visit the Playhouse online. 


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