Stream Floozy's Latest Mixtape, "Here's To You"

Oct. 8, 2013
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flare the floozy
There are a lot of Milwaukee rappers cranking out club-friendly mixtapes in hope of catching some traction inside the city or beyond, but not too many are making ones as good as Floozy (formerly Flare The Floozy). He's not breaking any new lyrical ground—on his recent single "PMS" he outlines a less-than-inspired mantra: pussy, money, syrup—but he's got a hard-charging flow, an ear for slick, contemporary beats and a work ethic that suggests he might could possibly rise above the city's very-crowded pack.

If nothing else, he's making zippy mixtapes that go down mighty easy. His latest, Here's To You, is posted now at LiveMixtapes. You can download it there, or stream it below.


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