Spring Drink Guide 2020

Some dates are red letter days on our editorial calendar. As in past years, the Shepherd Express’ Spring Drink focuses on St. Patrick’s Day. Since everyone says they’re Irish on Tuesday, March 17—or the weekend prior—we may have missed a few places where green beer is served, but we trust all major celebrations—especially those with music and dance—are covered in our article by Milwaukee food and beverage writer Lacey Muszynski.

This year’s Spring Drink also includes a look at locally owned liquor stores by our Eat/Drink columnist Sheila Julson. Milwaukee is a proud city of local ownership, and most of our liquor stores are owned by Milwaukeeans. This isn’t a comprehensive list but only a reminder of the strength of Milwaukee retail in all sectors.

So if you drink, have one—but not too many. And let someone else drive you home.

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