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The Pukes w/ Avenues and Devil’s Teeth @ Company Brewing

Jan. 27, 2017

Jan. 30, 2017
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Photos by Maddy Sharkey
Though the resurgence of the vinyl market has been hugely positive in most respects, it’s also created its fair share of headaches. Among them, and of particular concern to independent artists and small labels, is that records come with an exceedingly long turn-around time, largely thanks to the fact that the few remaining pressing plants have been overwhelmed by the newfound demand. Unfortunate audiophiles sometimes have to wait months before their favorite new album appears on wax, but when it comes to something like local surf-punks The Pukes’ candy-colored recent release, The Revenge of the Pukes, that’s totally worth it.

While anyone with an internet connection (or at least a cassette deck) has had access to the album since August, the vinyl release, complete with gorgeous artwork by Nina Gorman, is still something worth celebrating, and with an assist from promotional partners WMSE, The Pukes had plenty of people to party with at Company Brewing Friday night. They also managed to assemble some entertaining supporting acts as well, starting with the relatively new but already buzzed about Devil’s Teeth, who took the stage dressed like the crew of a cruise ship, yet still impressed with their brand of twangy surf-inspired post-punk.

Next up was longtime scene stalwarts Avenues, who traffic in a style that basically sounds like your familiar pop punk played back at 45 RPM. It’s easy to understand how that might sound a little insufferable, but it’s actually the opposite, since there simply isn’t time for some of the genre’s more grating aspects. As a result, the songs never wear out their welcome, and though they delivered a substantial set, the decent-sized crowd seemed to be ready for more. In any case, they left them primed and ready for the headliners, who had at least enough energy to match.

Covering nearly all of the new album, but perhaps most memorably the much-played advanced single sides “Murder” and “Execution,” their finely tuned set surely moved more than a few units at the merch table. Couching outrageously dark themes in catchy, ostensibly innocuous surf tunes, the band strikes the perfect balance between menace and accessibility, and can play like nobody’s business. By the time people were pulled onstage for a seemingly spontaneous, set-closing dance party, it was clear that they had converted plenty of new fans, fans that can, at long last, spin The Pukes’ stellar debut on their home turntable.


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