The Constellation Approach: Stop repeating the same old patterns

Jun. 27, 2008
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No matter how "evolved" a person gets, it seems like the one thing that can manage to bring a person down is getting sucked back into a bad family dynamic. Instead of moving cross-country to escape (or wishing you could), the workshop below could be your answer.

I personally believe I am growing up emotionally, yet sometimes I hear myself talk and think "Wow, I sound just like Mom!" It scares me sometimes. I plan to attend this seminar so I can stop the negative patterns my parents grew up with and passed on to me. I see I'm beginning to pass them on to my children. I have heard a great deal about Mark, the facilitator, and it's all positive. This is a great first (or final) step to stopping the family craziness, and it'll be a great gift to your family; especially your children and theirs.

Be sure to click on the link at the bottom to learn more about the Approach.

The Family Constellation Approach

A Workshop with Mark Wolynn

"A concrete solution for breaking unconscious family patterns"

WHEN:July 19-20

WHERE:Center for Holistic Medicine, 240 Saunders Road, Riverwoods, IL 60015

Sometimes we feel stuck. And nothing we doseems tohelp. Our relationships don't go well. Our jobsfeel empty. We're anxious... or angry... or afraid we'll fail. Years of therapy can't touch it. Medications don't lift it.

Often, the root of the problem originates in our family history.

Just as we inherit physical traitsfrom our parents, wealso inherit emotional patterns. Like family traditions, these patterns are unconscious and unspoken. Unaware of their influence upon us,we perpetuate the family patterns of sickness, unhappiness, failure oraddiction.It�s a common theme: sad mother, sad daughter... alcoholic father, alcoholic son... relationship difficulties of the parents are mirrored by the children.

The Family Constellation Approachallows us to break these patternsso we can live healthier, happier,more fulfilledlives.

How it works:Family dynamics are explored visually as participants from the group areasked to represent certain family members. Destructive patterns are brought to light and replaced with clear and visceral insights. The results are often immediate and life-changing.

Mark Wolynn is the Director of The Center for Behavioral Genetics, The Hellinger Institute of Western PA and the Co-Director of The Hellinger Learning Center in NYC. He conducts workshops and trainings in systemic therapy throughout the USA, England, Canada, Latin America, and for the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Social Work's Continuing Education Program. Mark specializes in working with depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, fears, panic attacks, self-injury, chronic pain and other medical conditions unresponsive to conventional treatment.

COST: $320 ($290 if paid by check before July 1st) If you have attended a previous workshop with Mark Wolynn, and are bringing a guest to this workshop, you may comefor $95as long as you and your guest register with Denise by July 1st.
CONTACT:Denise at (847) 910-9667 or



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