Street Artist Jeremy Novy Uses Milwaukee as His Canvas

Oct. 10, 2016
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Street art is a raw and authentic form of expression. It’s not the type of art you enjoy with wine and cheese. It normally doesn’t last long, but if it’s good, it can blow your mind. The canvas is not the sidewalk, a building or a train car. The canvas is in your mind — that’s where the conversation begins. The stuff you see on the street is just the provocation to begin a dialogue with how you see yourself. If you’re lucky, you get to say that you participated in art.   

Jeremy Novy has provoked Milwaukee’s imagination with his stenciled Koi fish. Kids and adults alike love his work. Take a minute to hear Novy speak — with and without a spray paint can — about his passion and why he has taken his fish out of water and voiced them all across America.


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