Greg Steffke Makes Milwaukee Rad

Oct. 17, 2016
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Greg Steffke is a Zen Kung fu master. He’s a veteran bar man with a rock and roll spirit, exploring all topics you’re not supposed to talk about in public houses like religion and politics.

If you added Pablo Neruda and Charles Bukowski, and then divided that with Mother Teresa you would get Greg Steffke.

After 20 years of providing first class hospitality, Steffke’s path to Milwaukee sainthood will — of course — be tempered in service, kindness and humility. He balances the stress of managing one of Milwaukee’s most popular bed and breakfasts (The County Clare) with shredding a half pipe and a Gibson guitar, but not at the same time. We caught up with Steffke to chat about his experiences, what he’s observed over the years and how he’s made the city rad.


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