Hillary's challenge

Jan. 24, 2008
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Despite my feelings, Hillary will probably get the nomination. She has the DLC money, experienced team and she is smart. But her immediate challenge will determine whether she can win in November. That challenge is the out-of-control-former president who is insulting our intelligence, wagging his finger at reporters, and is keeping the race issue on the front pages. He is acting like an arrogant jerk. His body language screams--eight more years!

If she can't shut him up now, I think she will lose. Mitt Romney was asked how he would campaign against team Clinton. "I can hardly wait" he responded. "The idea of Bill Clinton in the White House with nothing to do is frightening" or words to that effect.

Dan Schor, the dean of NPR asked, "What's wrong with Bill Clinton?" Ted Kennedy asked him to tone it down. But, like the Ever-ready bunny, he keeps banging his drum. Whoa Bill! She can win without your help but will lose with your help. Take a vacation.

Thanks Dennis: Thanks to Dennis Kucinich. A for effort; A for position on issues; A for the guts to go toe-to-toe with the media. When they cut him out of the debates, the debates suffered.

Romney is spending less than John Corzine spent running for the Senate, $54 million; and less than he spent in the gubernatorial campaign, about $60 million; but he won't say how much. Yikes! He gave us the good news--"I won;t owe any favors to contributors. Sound familiar? "No one's Senator but yours." Any chance we could go back to elections?

Lots of comments on the refusal of Jim Doyle to use the pulpit to push public financing of Supreme Court races.


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