Shut Up About Your Candle Already

Dec. 31, 1969
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It’s the morning of Thanksgiving Day and I’m waking-up with a bit of a song from RENT running through my head . . . but not what one might expect. I keep hearing the refrain of Mimi asking Adam Pascal's charcter to light her candle as I slowly wake-up.

Just that one line. Over and over and over again. That's it. 


As much as I dislike that musical, after seeing it three times, I've come to accept that the music itself isn’t all that bad . . . and a lot less offensively bad than most of the stuff on contemporary pop radio. Many people will have to listen to the overplayed sound of Lady Gaga or Rihanna this morning, I have a fragment of  Jonathan Larson music running through my head. And it occurs to me that the guy had talent.  Too bad he didn’t live to put together a masterpiece. RENT will have to do

And I couldn’t possibly be more thankful for having the work that I’ve got. And as easy as it is to dread the holiday shows coming-up, I’m happy  that, of the four shows that I’m seeing that are opening locally the week of Thanksgiving, only two of them are Holiday shows. And one of those holiday shows is RENT, which isn’t really even a traditional holiday show. But Christmas bells ARE ringing . . . and I’ll be taking a look at the dozen or so holiday shows opening up in the next couple of weeks here on the other side of today’s  holiday. And as an old familiar tune keeps rolling through my head, I’m thankful for the kind of work I have in a really, really nice city—work that I’m able to share with so much of with my wife.  

And no Mimi: I will NOT light your candle.


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