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Boulevard Theatre’s Next Bookstore Sneak Peak

Mar. 16, 2010
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It’s one of those things that I haven’t given myself the time to make much mention of. There’s been a lot of concern over the fact that everyone is getting increasingly isolated with all the little digital apparatuses we’ve come to surround ourselves with. What people who point this out fail to realize is that much of this technology is being used to connect with other people in various social and professional ways. We’re given potentially very isolating technology and what do we use it for? Talking with other people. People are naturally interested in other people. So people are naturally interested in stories about other people. So people are naturally drawn to theatre. Everyone is naturally drawn to theatre. Everyone. Most people don’t realize this, which is why they don’t ever go to see live theatre. If theatre’s ever going to be completely sustainable in a very real sense, theatre—especially small theatre--is going to have to market that connection.

Mark Bucher and the Boulevard Theatre have started marketing that connection in a really interesting way—they’ve started holding preview readings in a socially interactive atmosphere. Their latest is a special preview of their newest show—Patricia Durante's and Betsy Tuxill's It’s Your Mother. It’s a family  comedy about that distinct bond between mother and child.

Next week, on March 27th, the Boulevard is hosting a sneak preview of the family comedy. A preview performance of excerpts from the play will take place at Boswell Books on 2559 North Downer.  The performance begins at 2pm. The preview also features a question and answer period with members of the cast. An opportunity to interact directly with the cast will engage those sense not always harnessed by live theatre—taste and scent. As the press release states, “there will be some delicious "home-baked" snacks just bursting with a ‘Mother's touch.’ ”

Boulevard Theatre’s production of It’s Your Mother runs March 30th – May 9th


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