Brewers back to .500

Apr. 11, 2011
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Too many Brewers fans were standing on the ledge after the 0-4 start to the season. By taking two of three from the Cubs this weekend, the Brewers have evened their record to 5-5. They now head to Pittsburgh and Washington DC, where they should be able to take two of three in each series before they head off to play the dreaded Phillies.

Yes, it was a rough start to the season. I was out of the country and only saw the record when I returned to civilization last Tuesday. Getting swept by the Reds was no way to start a "championship" season.

Fans were calling for Axford to be removed from the closer's role after he blew the save at the home opener.

Step back, people. It's a long season.

Prince Fielder has hit two home runs before April 10, the earliest in his career. No more talk about slow starts. No more talk about him being unclutch. His four RBI on Saturday should be enough to earn him a stay of execution on that particular complaint.

My boyfriend said on at least three different occasions this weekend that we need a new short stop. I'm not quite so ready to jump off the Yuniesky Betancourt bandwagon yet. Sure, there have been a few plays where I've wondered if a better short stop would have gotten to the ball. But he hasn't thrown away near as many balls as I was prepared for after the gloom and doom fans trashed him post-trade. His hitting has picked up. Maybe its wishful thinking, but I was prepared for him to be so much worse, that so far I haven't been that unimpressed. He certainly hasn't earned a demotion in my book.

The player I'm going to get annoyed if I keep seeing on the field is Mark Kotsay. Nyjer Morgan is not only batting .474, but he's made a couple of spectacular grabs in the outfield that Kotsay doesn't even come close to making. While Corey Hart is out, there's absolutely no excuse to not be riding the hot hand in Morgan. Once Hart returns, I'd argue that Morgan should be getting starts over Carlos Gomez if Gomez continues to show signs of struggle at the plate. He's still not taking pitches and getting on base.


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